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AP Stylebook Officially Weighs in on Kombucha and Mason Jars

The food word updates we've all been waiting for

Mai tais at Maison Premiere in Brooklyn

It's that time again: The 2016 AP Stylebook published yesterday — and lucky for restaurant menu writers and enthusiasts everywhere, the update focuses heavily on food terminology. About two dozen food-related words were added, answering controversial editorial style questions around capital letters, italics, hyphens, and complicated spacing matters.

Notable entries include things like kombucha and gochujang, which certainly have deep histories but only somewhat recently came into the mainstream media spotlight; a confirmed hyphenation of regional favorites like deep-dish pizza and soft-shell crab; the fairly obvious PB&J; mai tais, boilermakers, and eggnog for the bar fiends; and a hot take on Mason jars (spoiler: canning jar is preferred, sorry Pinterest). See the full list of 25 food additions below.

arctic char: a trout, native to Alaska and northern Canada.

beurre blanc: a creamy sauce, often for seafood, made from butter, shallots and lemon juice.

blackstrap molasses

boilermaker: cocktail of whiskey in beer, or whiskey with a beer chaser.

Chablis: dry white wine named for Chablis, France.

chicken Marsala: chicken cooked with mushrooms and Marsala wine.

Dagwood: oversized sandwich named for comic strip character Dagwood Bumstead.

deep-dish pizza

egg rolls: Chinese-American dish in which fillings are rolled in a wonton or other wrapper, then fried or sometimes steamed or baked.

eggnog: thick holiday drink made from eggs, milk, cream and sometimes liquor.


egg foo young: Chinese-American dish of bean sprouts, eggs and sometimes meat or seafood, fried into large patties

gochujang: fermented Korean chili paste

Greek salad: a cold salad typically made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese and olives

Jamaican jerk chicken: chicken seasoned with a blend of chilies and spices, then grilled.

kombucha: a fermented, slightly effervescent tea beverage. Kombucha can contain trace amounts of alcohol.

mai tai: rum and juice cocktail.

Mason jar: glass jar used to preserve food. Named for John Mason, who patented a system of jars and self-sealing zinc lids in 1858. Canning jar is preferred.

medjool dates: a large, soft variety of date fruit.


PB&J: peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

pozole: a thick pork soup from Mexico.

shawarma: a Middle Eastern sandwich of slow-roasted meat topped with hummus and served in flatbread.

soft-shell crab: a crab that has recently molted, often served battered and fried.


Got a favorite, or a food word that you've always wondered about? Leave it in the comments below.