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Jimmy Kimmel Weighs in on the Age-Old Debate: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

"If hot dogs are sandwiches, then cereal is soup."

Millions of Americans celebrated the unofficial start of summer by feasting on burgers and hot dogs over Memorial Day weekend. Meanwhile, the foolhardy folks at Merriam-Webster were diluting these oh-so-patriotic traditions by callously (and erroneously) declaring that a hot dog is actually a sandwich.

That's right, your whole life has apparently been a lie because according to the people who write the freaking dictionary, a hot dog belongs in the same category as a PB&J. Thankfully, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel broke his legendary silence on this important issue last night, defending the hot dog's right to be classified as a hot dog and nothing else. "If you went in a restaurant and ordered a meat tube sandwich, would that make sense?" Kimmel queried. "No! They'd probably call the cops on you."

But what about a wrap — is that a sandwich? That very debate recently struck a restaurant in the UK, where incensed customers took to comment cards to express their frustration that wraps were listed under the menu's "sandwich" category. "How is a piece of cold, flat dough wrapped around a heap of filling, the same as a sandwich?" one asked. Thank goodness there's a website singularly devoted to settling that debate once and for all.