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Watch: How to Make a Living as a Farmers Market Vendor

Happiness is doing what you love every day of your life

Behind every bag of basil leaves or stack of shiny apples for sale at a farmers market is a hard-working producer whose livelihood depends on consumers who pick the market over the grocery store. This week, as a part of their documentary film series, the Southern Foodways Alliance pulls back the curtain at Carrboro Farmers Market in Carrboro, North Carolina, to spotlight one couple who have been market vendors for over 30 years.

Betsy and Alex Hitt call themselves "card-carrying environmentalists" — they proudly participated in the first Earth Day in 1970, and have worked to incorporate sustainable growing practices at their farm, as well as teach these methods to other growers in the area. On about four acres of land just outside of Carrboro, the couple grows cut flowers, vegetables, blueberries, and even raises turkeys around the holiday season. For the Hitts, Carrboro's market is their main source of income; they've manned a stand nearly every Saturday since 1986. Watch the video above to learn more about the life of a vendor, and how "20 good Saturdays" can make or break a year.

To learn more about the Southern Foodways Alliance, click here.

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