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Watch: New Asian Fusion Isn't Afraid of Flavor or Risks

Clever cuisine hybrids take the place of dumbed-down dishes

Asian fusion has a reputation for being a messy hybrid of cuisines, an inelegant attempt to tone down traditional Asian dishes to suit a bland American palate. But a new generation of chefs have turned the term on its head, redefining fusion for the modern era.

On this episode of Consumed, host Kat Odell sits down with Fung Tu chef Jonathan Wu, who prepares what he calls "American Chinese food," to hear about the current state of Asian fusion. A growing curiosity about food from around the world, paired with better access to global ingredients, means that chefs no longer have to dumb down their cooking, and fusion food can instead reflect the true definition of "fusion" as a risk-taking and flavorful endeavor. Says Wu, "Now that chefs...and the dining public are more knowledgable, these combinations — these fusions — are natural, and often fun and clever." Watch the video above for more.

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