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Feline Lovers Can Now Split a Bottle of Wine With Their Cats

It’s non-alcoholic

Apollo Peak
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

Denverites are still reeling from the prospect of drinking wine at the nation’s first cat bar (Yes, that’s right. A bar filled with cats), but a Colorado-based company has already devised the next best thing: cat wine. UPI reports that Denver’s Apollo Peak is now marketing an all-natural, organic, and non-alcoholic feline wine.

Apollo Peak currently offers two varieties of cat-friendly wine — a red "Pinot Meow" and a white moscato. A 8-"meownce" bottle retails for $11.59. The company, whose tagline is "Why drink alone?," brews the kitty beverage using beets and catnip "sourced from local farmers" in the foothills of central Colorado.

The company tells UPI, "When cats smell catnip they tend to get funny, move around and play a lot." However, "the exact opposite occurs when they ingest catnip. They normally will become more ‘mellowed’ out when they drink the wine so it might actually help for those restless nights." The wine is also safe for owners and canines to drink.

This is only proof that humans are obsessed with their pets. Last year, an Indiana brewery dropped a beer exclusively for dogs and in November Nestle Japan unveiled a promotion where feline lovers were invited to book a catered meal for owners and their cats.

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