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Trucks Carrying Deli Meat and Bread Collide, Crushing Sandwich Dreams

A highway in New Jersey looked more like a deli counter after a crash this morning


It sounds like the perfect combination — deli meat and bread — but the pairing caused massive problems for commuters in New Jersey Friday morning when two trucks crashed into each other, spilling their contents onto the highway.

The deli meat truck hit the bread truck on I-287 around 6 a.m., causing extensive delays, miles of backups, and closing all but one lane, Yahoo reported. There were no casualties, besides thousands of potential sandwiches.

More often than not, collisions involving food-carrying trucks result in the food being condemned, as was the case with the dirty dough balls that spilled from a crashed Domino's pizza truck last year. In another incident, a truck full of chicken ended up prematurely barbecued last year when it ignited following a crash. A second case of what would be an ideal combination in different circumstances arose in March when two trucks, one carrying beer and the other carrying chips, collided in Florida and created a huge mess for drivers.