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Watch Sean Brock Whip Up Deviled Crab With the Lee Brothers

It's like deviled eggs, except not

As the name would indicate, deviled crabs are a bit like deviled eggs: crab meat is mixed with other ingredients and then stuffed back into the crab shell for a delightfully retro Southern delicacy. In this video from the Mind of a Chef crew, chef Sean Brock and brothers Matt and Ted Lee — cookbook authors and champions of Southern cuisine — whip up their version of this crustacean preparation.

Melted butter, sherry, lemon juice, and egg are added to the crab mixture, as well as scallions and panko breadcrumbs; once mixed with the wet ingredients, the crab meat gets packed back into the crab shells, sprinkled with cayenne pepper, and topped with a pat of butter and an additional sprinkling of bread crumbs. The "devil" in these deviled eggs comes in the form of jalapeno — "maybe not so traditional for Charleston, but we love it," Matt says. (Side note: Where on earth did Brock get that amazing "Make Cornbread Not War" hat?)