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Khushbu Shah/Emoji Ink

Twitter has a new plan that will let brands capitalize on users' affinity for emojis: A new initiative will present users with certain ads based on which emojis they choose to use. That means if you tweet about pizza using the emoji, you may end up seeing more advertisements from your local pizza place, or even national chains like Dominos or Pizza Hut, according to ValueWalk.

The same holds true for tacos, burritos, and maybe eventually the pancakes and bacon that are slated to come out with the next round of emoji updates. (It's not clear what kind of ads people who utilize the eggplant emoji might see.) People have reportedly tweeted more than 110 billion emojis since 2014, meaning there's plenty of opportunity for advertisers to reach hungry Twitter users.

Of course, some brands have already jumped on the emoji bandwagon: Domino's implemented a way for Twitter users to order pizza by tweeting the pizza emoji, though the timeline for delivery left a bit to be desired as Eater discovered during a test of the service.

Twitters plan even extends beyond users tweeting their own emojis, allowing brands to send targeted advertisements to people who simply engage with tweets that contain emojis.