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In the latest attempt to add wifi to literally every device imaginable, a company called GIR (short for Get It Right) is peddling a wifi-enabled coffee grinder. According to The Verge, the device — known as The Voltaire — uses sensors to detect if the coffee beans in its hopper are stale. It will then either alert the user or "automatically order a new batch of beans to your house."

Additional features include an LED timer and a built-in battery that claims to "hold power for weeks between charging." So, if your power goes out, it'll still work — though the internet capabilities might not, in which case you'll have to order your own damn coffee beans.

The Voltaire is one of a slew of wifi-enabled kitchen devices to hit the market recently. Wifi-enabled wine bottlesjuicers, and cocktail machines all claim to work faster and more efficiently due to their technological capabilities. "Smart" devices also tend to raise a lot of cash through crowdfunding efforts: Wine dispenser startup Somm by SYNEK — which claims to "learn" its users wine preferences over time — raised $100,000 in just 15 hours when it launched in April.

So far, the Voltaire has raised more than $52,000 of its $100,000 goal.

Watch how it works, below: