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Watch: Stephen Colbert Discovers Why 2,000-Year-Old Butter Shouldn't Be Eaten

Do not upset the gods

A 2,000-year-old hunk of butter was recently discovered in an Irish bog, apparently a long-forgotten offering to the gods. While the ancient toast accompaniment has been buried in the ground for two millennia, the curator of the museum where it is now displayed says the butter is edible — though it isn't recommended.

"The fact it was buried so deep in the soil indicates that it might have been buried as an offering or a ritual to the gods to keep land and animals safe in the past," Savina Donohoe told Newsbeat. "It doesn't smell very nice — it smells like a very strong cheese. You could try to eat some of it but we wouldn't advise it."

Late Show host Stephen Colbert doesn't put a lot of stock in other peoples' advise, so he decided to get a taste for himself. As it turns out, Donohoe's caution was warranted. Watch the above video to see why it's a bad idea to eat 2,000-year-old butter — the reason is pretty obvious.