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Donald Trump Supporters Aren't Welcome at Minneapolis Coffeeshop

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'Don't spend money in our stores'

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump is loved by his supporters, and those who don't fall in that camp really don't like him. Consider the owner of Minneapolis-based Urban Bean Coffee to be among the latter. Greg Martin has banned Trump supporters from patronizing his shop's two locations in the city, reports City Pages. Martin took to Urban Bean's Facebook page to make his feelings known.

The final straw that made Urban Bean take an official anti-Trump stance was the candidate's reaction to the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando over the weekend. The Facebook post has received plenty of reaction — both positive and negative — but Martin believes the ban is a pretty simple issue: "I don't know that it's even that controversial," he told City Pages. "We just don't feel like there's room for that kind of BS in our store."

The trend of banning Trump supporters appears to be picking up steam. Earlier this week, a restaurant in Colonial Heights, Va., refused service to a family wearing pro-Trump t-shirts and his famous "Make America Great Again" hats. "Hell no! I'm not serving them," an employee reportedly exclaimed upon seeing the family's attire.

In March, a steakhouse in Louisville, Ky., took the policy a step further and actually banned Trump himself. But, owner Jeff Ruby backtracked less than a month later after he received a death threat. "You see who his followers are; a lot of them are lunatics," Ruby told the Louisville Post-Courier. "It only takes one lunatic to kill someone."