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Prototype Emergency Shelter Grows Its Own Food in the Form of Crickets

Ideal for doomsday situations?

Terreform/Official Site

A new contraption erected in New York can offer emergency shelter in a crisis situation as well as sustenance — in the form of crickets. A organization called Terreform Open Network Ecology (ONE) crafted a prototype free-range cricket growth center as a way to introduce people to the concept of eating crickets, according to CNN.

This dual-purpose concept builds upon the idea that crickets are a highly versatile and sustainable source of protein (which one startup is already working to capitalize on with its lineup of cricket protein bars). The theory is that in a crisis, it would provide both shelter for humans and an easy way to harvest crickets — which can apparently be turned into flour for incorporation into various recipes — for food.

The project fills a "need for a hybrid architectural topology to deliver parallel solutions for food and shelter" in times of distress, Terreform ONE's website explains, calling out climate changes, urbanization, and economic issues as sources of stress on food availability.

Terreform's efforts could yield dishes like cricket pasta or cricket-infused vodka, to name a few possibilities — because when a crisis arises, booze is a must, even if it's made with bugs.