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Watch a Michelin-Starred Chef Go Scallop-Diving in the Arctic

That water looks awfully cold

A Danish-born chef has the honor of being the only one in Norway to earn three Michelin stars. Chef Esben Holmboe Bang has reimagined Norwegian cuisine by crafting his menu around naturally occurring ingredients and relying on common practices of preserving food in Norway — and his restaurant, Maaemo, is the furthest north of any Michelin-starred restaurant.

In this video from CNN Food — part of a three-part series from the network's culinary journey to Norway — Holmboe Bang goes diving for scallops in the Arctic Ocean, part of his quest to follow the pathways of Viking ships that once sailed the same waters. The chef treks to a tiny village with a population of just 60 people to meet a fisherman who knows just where to dive to find the finest scallops.

"For me it's my place of zen," he says of scallop diving. "When I'm on the bottom [of the sea] I can think clearly ... I only hear two sounds: The sound of my heart and the sound of my breath."