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There's Now a Starbucks Add-On for Microsoft Outlook

Send gift cards via email and schedule coffee shop meetings


More money resides on Starbucks gift cards than many banks have in deposits, and the coffee giant is scheming on further ways to push its highly collectible currency: There's now a Microsoft Outlook add-on that lets users send Starbucks gift cards via email, PCWorld reports.

The free add-on, which was added to the Microsoft Office Store on Wednesday, also allows Outlook users to set up a meeting at a nearby Starbucks location. While a partnership between the two Seattle-based companies may seem like an obvious fit — coffee and productivity go hand in hand, after all — the add-on doesn't really do anything new or impressive: Starbucks' website has long offered the ability to send e-gift cards, and Outlook has enabled users to schedule meetings since, well, basically forever.

Starbucks Outlook Microsoft

The add-on is also only available on the Windows desktop version of Outlook for now, which is pretty limiting, but Microsoft says they intend to release it for Outlook for Mac and Outlook Mobile soon. In the meantime, if you spend all day at a desk with your head buried in your Outlook inbox, avoid independent coffee shops like the plague,  and have a habit of forgetting to send gifts until the last minute, perhaps this add-on is for you.

Reviewers on the Office Store seem to like it, anyway: One pronounced the add-on "very slick," declaring it "[a] smooth experience and nice way to send a quick 'thank you' type gift, especially to a coworker."

Watch the add-on in action, below: