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Apple Maps Will Soon Offer In-App Restaurant Reservations

The integration is part of a partnership with Zomato

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Among the many new features of Apple's new operating system, iOS 10, which was unveiled Monday? Users will now be able to book restaurant reservations directly through Apple Maps.

According to The Economic Times, the new platform "will allow third party developers to integrate their app functionalities directly into Apple Maps in iOS 10." One of those developers is restaurant discovery site Zomato.

A Zomato spokesperson told the Times that, with the new iOS, "customers can look up a restaurant and if they have the Zomato app installed, select that option, scroll through and select the best time, and book the table all without leaving Maps."

The India-based Zomato has raised some $225 million in funding since its launch in 2008. Last year, it acquired both Urbanspoon and payment platform MaplePOS. It launched its online ordering platform in 2015, though that service isn't yet available in the U.S.

Among the other unique features of iOS 10 is a revamped Siri, who is said to now have "more contextual awareness," and can make intelligent suggestions based on a users' location, calendar, etc. So, if you're having trouble settling on a particular restaurant to reserve, she can likely help you narrow it down. The new system is expected to be available in July.