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Watch Gordon Ramsay Catch and Cook King Crab

Ramsay heads to Norway for his catch of the day

In his latest culinary adventure, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay dives into the murky deep on the hunt for king crab. Ramsay explains how the crustacean always arrives to the United Kingdom in frozen form, and he wants to get a taste of it fresh out of the water. In this video, he heads to Norway and goes ice diving for some shellfish.

It isn't easy. Getting his wet suit on takes time, and once Ramsay jumps in the water, he finds out just how cold the Norwegian waters can be. Once he returns to the surface with crab in tow, the chef prepares a simple dish of its legs paired with a creamy tarragon sauce. How is fresh king crab compared to frozen? Ramsay is shuffling his seafood hierarchy.

"That's delicious, my god," the chef exclaims in the video. "I actually now think I prefer it to lobster. It's so much softer and sweeter."