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Outback Steakhouse's Cheese Fry-Topped Bloomin' Onion Can Smell Your Fear

Since when are cheese fries a garnish?

Outback Twitter

In an effort to out-do even the most over-the-top food items on the market (we're looking at you, Whopperito) Outback Steakhouse has unveiled its latest creation: a Bloomin' Onion topped with loaded cheese fries.

The gigantic, deep-fried mound of onions is already pretty fattening: The original Bloomin' Onion contains 155 grams of fat — more than double the upper-end limit of the suggested daily intake for a human — and 1,954 calories, according to Outback's website. But thanks to its recent makeover which includes bacon, spicy ranch dressing, cheese, and fried potatoes, the "Loaded Bloom" clocks in at 2,360 calories, reports People.

An Outback representative told People that the new appetizer "was inspired by Outback's upcoming, limited time ‘Big Australia' menu which features bigger, Aussie-sized portions." (Sorry, Australia.)

The chain isn't the first to use dressed-up cheese fries to try and woo customers. Wendy's tested barbecue pulled pork cheese fries back in 2014 and Carl's Jr. unveiled a pepperoni pizza version last year.

Outback's fried-onion-meets-cheese-fries atrocity will be available starting June 21.