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Watch Bourdain and Questlove Discuss Cronuts and Cap'n Crunch

Questlove compares Dominique Ansel to an underground rapper

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When Anthony Bourdain recently interviewed Roots drummer Questlove for Urban Outfitters Television, the discussion revolved primarily around food rather than music — perhaps unsurprising, considering Questlove's new book is all about food and chefs.

The music business and the food industry might not often overlap, but Questlove says he has found inspiration in unlikely parts of the culinary world — particularly, cronut mania. "During the height of cronut mania, I knew that someone made a gargantuan offer to Dominique Ansel to source the cooking method — the special oven he uses — in order to mass-produce it," said Questlove. "His response was so underground rap to me. It made me feel like I was Diddy or something."

Though Ansel received many offers to mass-produce his popular croissant-donut hybrid, he chose not to accept, telling Co.Design: "To me, it is really important that I stand for what I believe in, which is creativity. And I think the cronut is a great creation. I don't want to kill it, cash in on it, and make it disappear."

For the record, the cronut is neither Questlove nor Bourdain's favorite Ansel-created treat. That award goes to the DKA, the pastry wizard's version of traditional Breton pastry the kouign amann.