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Dunkin' Rolls Out Mobile Ordering; Guy Fieri's Emceeing a Bacon Festival

Four things to know today


Happy Wednesday. FYI, there's a new Pokemon that some people think bears a strong resemblance to a certain presidential candidate whose name rhymes with Schlump, thanks to a strange tuft of yellow hair on top of its head. Somebody get this creature a Make America Great again hat, stat.

In today's food news: Dunkin' Donuts goes mobile; Starbucks is mixing cheese and coffee in Japan; KFC introduces the other white meat; and Guy Fieri is hosting a bacon festival, because of course.

— Dunkin' Donuts just rolled out its new mobile ordering platform nationwide after months of testing in the Northeast. Giving customers the ability to order and pay ahead via mobile app has been wildly successful for Starbucks: More than 20 percent of the coffee giant's U.S. transactions are now done through its mobile app, and Starbucks customers who use mobile ordering also spend more per visit. Will Dunkin' find similar success?

— Speaking of coffee: Why does Starbucks Japan get all the cool Frappuccino flavors? First there were booze-spiked flavors and now, the latest menu addition is a Baked Cheesecake Frapp. Meanwhile in the U.S., look for the brand's bottled cold-brew to hit grocery store shelves any day now.

— KFC just made a sharp left turn and launched a pulled pork burger in Australia, and the general reaction from customers is "But why?" Stick to chicken, Colonel:

— Guy Fieri will emcee Baconfest in Modesto, California over Father's Day weekend, and the only question is why didn't this happen sooner? Fieri should probably abandon his wine-making venture and just host bacon festivals full-time.