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John Parra/Getty Images

With the Euro 2016 men's soccer tournament underway, McDonald's wants to "bring [a] stadium atmosphere" to Austrian fans' living rooms, reports Kronen Zeitung (translated). The chain has partnered with Ottakringer Brewery to offer customers in the country free six-packs, for a limited time. The deal comes with two stipulations that should be fairly easy to meet: The order must be for delivery, and it must cover at least 20 euros ($22.42) worth of food.

Austria played its first game of the tournament against Hungary Tuesday in Bordeaux, France, and things didn't go well for the national team. Austria fell, 2-0, and finished the game a man down thanks to a red card in the 66th minute. No doubt fans back home took solace in knowing McDonald's would be there to drown their sorrows with Big Macs and booze. The team's next game is scheduled for Saturday against Portugal.

Someone might want to tell McDonald's Austria European soccer and free beer might not be the best combination. The French government is calling for an alcohol ban in and around stadiums, after thousands of English and Russian fans violently clashed before their teams' game last Saturday.

McDonald's first began serving beer in Germany in 1971, and it has since spread to other European markets. In February, a location in South Korea became the first McDonald's in Asia to offer beer sales.