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27 Meat-Inspired Baby Names Better Than 'Steak'

Sean Penn almost named his son after his favorite piece of meat

Hopper Penn, Sean Penn
Hopper Penn, Sean Penn
Matt Baron/BEImages

Word on the street is that Sean Penn's son was almost named Steak. According to a new article in Interview (h/t the Cut) with Hopper Penn — son of the actor, sometime journalist, and drug lord BFF the younger Penn was almost named Steak, as in, after the piece of meat:

"It has to do with Dennis Hopper; my dad was friendly with him and idolized him. My dad wanted to name me Steak, the food, because he loves it so much. But my mom was never going to go for it. What they told me is that I hopped in her stomach, I didn't kick, so they went with that."

But as far as cuts of meat go, Steak doesn't make the best first name. Maybe the elder Penn and his then wife Robin Wright should have considered the following:

1. T-Bone
2. Proscuitto
3. Guanciale 
4. Salami (Sal, Sally)
5. Secreto
6. Bacon
7. Foie
8. Chateaubriand (Brian)
9. Porter(house)
10. Kobe 
11. Yakitori (Tori)
12. Chuck
13. Riblet
14. Sir Loin
15. Loin
16. Filet
17. Roast
18. Cutlet
19. Rillette (RiRi)
20. Pork Chop
21. Picnic (Nic)
22. Pancetta
23. Hock
24. BB (Boston Butt)
25. Barbecue ('Cue or Barbie)
26. Kebab (Bob)
27. Salisbury (Sal, Sally)

Additional reporting by Nadia Chadhury, Matt Buchanan, Matt Kang, Erin DeJesus, Ellen Fort, James Barry, Whitney Filloon, Amy McCarthy, Stefanie Tuder, Sonia Chopra, and Daniela Galarza.