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Watch a Sushi Chef Demonstrate How to Master Chopsticks

Never embarrass yourself again

Anyone who enjoys the cuisines of Asia but hasn't really figured out how to use chopsticks, pay attention. Miami-based chef Hiroyuki Terada is here to help. In this video, filmed inside Terada's kitchen at NoVe Kitchen & Bar, the chef explains exactly how to master the proper technique.

The key is allowing the bottom chopstick to rest on your ring finger, and the top chopstick does all the movement thanks to your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Keeping one of the sticks stationary at all times provides more balance.

"Once you set the chopsticks down, and then you put the chopsticks around the item and hold your fingers together, it's just a natural procession," the video's faceless narrator says. "It just grabs everything. Easy, right?"

Picking up a piece of sushi is no trouble at all for Terada. To show off his skills, he demonstrates moving individual pieces of dry rice, one by one, from plate to plate.