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Wearable Pizza Pouch Is Everything Dad Never Knew He Needed

For the dad who has everything

Stupidiotic Facebook

Here's a Father's Day gift idea for the man who truly has everything: a wearable pizza pouch.

A company called Stupidiotic is the proud purveyor of just such an item: an $8, pizza slice-shaped pouch that hangs from a lanyard and can be worn as a necklace. As Starpulse points out, the product currently has only one review, with a five-star rating: "It's exactly what you think — it's a plastic wedge-shaped slice holder that comes with a black lanyard. It is branded with Stupididiotic so you are going to wear that word on your chest. But hey, you're wearing a slice of pizza so why does that even matter?"

According to its description, the product will "instantly make you more popular and attractive" (certainly among the neighborhood dogs, at least) and provides easy access to a "backup slice." Because, sometimes, double-fisting slices of pizza just isn't enough.

Incidentally, the pizza pouch coordinates quite well with another of the most dad-centric items in recent memory: Steph Curry's new Under Armour sneakers.