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Cookies-and-Cream Oreos Are Basically Cookie Inception

Oreos are already cookies and cream, right?

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

Walmart's exclusive new flavor of Oreo cookies is — wait for it — basically the traditional Oreo flavor. The retail giant recently held a vote to determine a new flavor of cookie to exclusively feature at its stores. Cookies and cream — which is, as MarketWatch describes, "a cookie flavor based on an ice cream flavor which is based on an Oreo cookie" — won the most votes.

Cookies-and-cream is a dramatic departure from recent Oreo iterations, which run the gamut from the gimmicky (Pumpkin SpiceRed Velvet) to the downright insane (Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp, we're looking at you).

The exclusive-to-Walmart flavor will be slightly different than your typical Oreo, in that it will feature "additional cookie flakes mixed into the creme filling." It will debut in 2017.

Perhaps the fact that the traditional cookies-and-cream variety beat both Jelly Donut and Caramel Apple is unsurprising. When it comes to their Oreos, consumers want the real thing, not a cookie masquerading as cheap fair food.