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Steph Curry's New 'Chef' Sneakers Roasted Mercilessly

Sneakerheads are not impressed

Curry 2
Curry 2
Foot Locker Facebook

Under Armour has unveiled its latest version of Steph Curry's basketball shoe — called the "Chef" — to the delight of meme-makers (and the horror of sneakerheads) everywhere. The all-white, low-top sneaker was revealed in a food-inspired spread on Foot Locker's Facebook page over the weekend. It didn't take long for the shoe to get cooked, creamed, and roasted in reviews.

The overarching response has been that the sneakers — which have nicknames ranging from "The Life Alert III's" to the "Get Off My Lawn IV's" — are dad shoes.

Comedian Daniel Baker likened the shoe to "plain unflavored yogurt" in an interview with the Wall Street JournalYahoo Sports said it "might be more suited for a line cook" than a chef.

Below, some other hilarious responses to the shoe that is basically the equivalent of a 4 p.m. dinner at Olive Garden:

Steph Curry sneaker tweet

Werthers Curry

Steph Curry sneaker tweet

The Golden State Warriors guard has fired back at his critics by wearing the shoes — which he has customized with the phrase "straight fire" — to practice. That defense might not be convincing enough, but even sneakerheads have to admit the shoes are a slightly more fashion-forward choice than some footwear worn by actual chefs.