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Watch: How One Charity Rescues Millions of Pounds of Produce From the Trash

Combating food waste one tomato at a time

Each year, more than one billion pounds of food that could be consumed by humans finds its way to the garbage instead — and much of that is fresh produce. Thankfully, there are a number of organizations dedicated to reducing the vast amount of food wasted: As this video from Great Big Story explains, Borderlands Food Bank in the border town of Nogales, Arizona rescues food and vegetables that are destined for the landfill and redistributes them to families in need across 20 U.S. states.

Throwing away perfectly good food because of a minor blemish is absurd, and thankfully plenty of chefs and restaurants have also joined the crusade to reduce food waste. France recently made it illegal for supermarkets to dispose of edible food; now, they have to give it to charity or to organizations that will process it into animal feed instead. Artists are putting leftover food to good use, too, turning scraps into Instagram-worthy portraits.