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Watch: Make the Ideal Burger Pickle in 2 Minutes Flat

A new cooking tips and tricks video series

Home cooking can seem daunting, but with a resourceful cheerleader in your corner, the kitchen is nothing to fear. Introducing You Can Do This!, a brand new video series from Eater where food tips-and-tricks guru Clifford Endo shares the secrets behind some of his favorite kitchen projects. Today, Endo speeds up the fermenting process with the help of a whipped cream canister, which yields perfectly briny pickles in a flash. Watch the video above for a visual how-to, and follow along with the recipe below.

Flash Pickles

1 cup rice vinegar
½ cup mirin1 tablespoon sugar1 tablespoon black pepper corn1 tablespoon coriander seed1 tablespoon salt1 bay leaf2 quarter inch slices ginger2 thin slices jalapeno1 cucumber

Special equipment: whipped cream canister, 2 cartridges NO2, mandolin

In a small saucepot combine all of the pickling liquid ingredient and bring to a boil. Once the liquid has reached a boil strain in to a bowl. Then place bowl in to a larger bowl filled with ice to cool down the liquid.

Cut a whole cucumber in the hamburger bun lengths 3–4 inches. Slice or run cucumber through a mandolin making ¼ inch planks stopping when you reach the inner seeds. Then rotate and continue on the opposite side stopping when you reach the seeds. Repeat with the remaining two sides.

When your pickling liquid is cool pour in to your whip cream canister not going past the fill line. Then add your planks in to the canister with the liquid and screw the top on tightly.

Charge you canister with one of the NO2 cartridges. After the gas stops slightly agitate the pickles by rolling them around the inside of the canister for about a 30–1 minute. Then gas the canister again with NO2. If you are using the small versions, one cartridge is enough. Briefly agitate again and then lay the canister down on its side for two minutes

Place a cup over the nozzle to contain any liquid that might come out. Then release the gas with the canister facing upward. This is to release just the gas and not the liquid inside. When gas is fully released unscrew the lid and dump contents in to a bowl. Pull the pickles out of the liquid and place on top of your burger and have that oh shit, this is actually pretty good moment.

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