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Obama and Jimmy Fallon’s Awkward Barbecue; California Roll Inventor Honored

Five things to know today

'Tis the season for graduations, and the Obamas had a celebratory lunch at Café Milano in Washington, DC on Friday following Malia's high school commencement ceremony; the restaurant is perhaps better known for frequently playing host to celebrities than it is for its upscale Italian fare.

In more food news today: top chefs share their ultimate culinary travel destinations; the sushi chef who invented the California roll is honored; big changes are coming to the coffee-growing industry; and more.

— Speaking of President Obama, here's a hilarious retelling of the first time he met Jimmy Fallon. It was at a summer barbecue, and Fallon made the terrible decision to wear a three-piece suit:

— Need some help assembling your culinary bucket list? CNN asked 96 of the world's top chefs to
share their ultimate food experiences across the globe. Answers include dining at a goat farm in Provence, having breakfast at the colorful Krabi market in Thailand, and visiting Tokyo's famed Tsukiji fish market in the wee morning hours. Better start banking those frequent flier miles.

— Is it time to hoard your favorite coffee beans? The market has been bracing for a bean shortage for some time, and as coffee expert Sam Lewontin tells Tech Insider, climate change is partially to blame. Warmer temperatures mean coffee plants are becoming more susceptible to disease, and ideal growing zones are shifting — meaning some new regions may soon join the ranks of the current coffee-producing nations.

— The Canadian sushi chef who invented the now-ubiquitous California roll is getting props from the Japanese government. Hidekazu Tojo, the chef/owner of Tojo's Restaurant in Vancouver, has been appointed a goodwill ambassador of Japanese cuisine; he joins the ranks of just 12 other ambassadors outside of Japan.

— Finally, the Tony Awards were last night and unsurprisingly, Hamilton won a bunch of awards. Waitressthe pie-scented Broadway musical set in a diner, wasn't quite as successful, although it was nominated four times. Here's the show's cast performing "Opening Up" at last night's awards ceremony, complete with plenty of pie in a supporting role: