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Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Obviously one of the best parts of being famous is the endorsements. Celebrities — and celebrity chefs — receive piles of cash for lending their likenesses to shill for everything from chicken stock to fast-food burgers.

The latest marketing alliance involves British chef/TV personality/space food creator Heston Blumenthal and an Australia-based home appliance company called Shriro. Appliance Retailer reports the Fat Duck owner has signed on with the company to create his own line of barbecues — or, as we know them here in the States, grills.

The line of charcoal grills is called Everdure by Heston Blumenthal, and rather than simply lending his famous moniker, Blumenthal was actually involved in the product development process: According to the Australian, "rather than being a brand ambassador, Blumenthal was actively involved in the design of the barbies, based on what works in the heated environment of a commercial kitchen."

The line will launch at a trade show in Germany come September; they'll be priced between $200 and $1800 (approximately $150 to $1325 USD). But the real question is, when will Blumenthal come out with his own line of eyeglasses?