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At Home With: Chef José Andrés’s Go-To Catalonian Breakfast Recipe

At Home With is a new series that asks chefs how they do breakfast at home


Spanish chef and restaurateur Andrés is has a lot on his plate with the expansion of his fast-casual concept Beefsteak, educating Conan O'Brien in the efficacy of beet burgers, and continuing his legal campaign against presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Looking beyond the kitchen, we wanted to know more about Andrés home routine from family breakfasts to his favorite morning beverage. The chef also reveals his go-to breakfast. Perfect for brunch, the Iberico ham-topped Catalonian toast recipe was recently introduced to the menu at J by Andrés, his restaurant in the W Mexico City hotel.

What's your go-to breakfast at home?

Pa amb tomaquet — really simple, a recipe from the Catalonia region of Spain. I cut some thick, delicious bread, toast it, rub very ripe tomatoes on top, and add good Spanish olive oil. Next to a perfectly cooked fried egg, it sets me up for the day.

Any beverages in the morning?

Always fresh squeezed juice. Always. Something in the citrus family, like oranges, mandarins, tangerines, grapefruits, and in December, the clementines, or clementinas, as we say in Spain. We get boxes and boxes of beautiful little orange clementinas around the house. And yes, of course, coffee — a café con leche.

My First radishes OF the season....

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What are your mornings usually like?

I have a garden in front of my house and I always check on the plants in the morning. What needs to be watered? What is ready to harvest? I love Twitter and am on there all the time. I do make lunch for my three daughters, but usually the night before. On Sundays we love to go to the FreshFarm farmers’ market in Dupont Circle in Washington DC — that is where we ask what vegetables are fresh and in season, so we can make a paella in the backyard in the afternoon. And in November, when truffles are in season, I bring a white truffle over to my friends at Red Zebra Pizza — they are at the farmers market and they make an amazing white pizza with mozzarella. Then what we do, is we slice the truffle on top. Perfect.

High life eggs by Angel Muro 1893.....

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What do you make if you're making breakfast for your family?

Huevos High Life! This is a traditional recipe — it’s inspired by a 19th century Spanish cookbook El Practicón by Angel Muro. You take some brioche, slice thick, then cut out rounds. What you are going to do is fry the bread in some good olive oil, and slide the eggs into the hole in the bread. When I was the culinary consultant for the Hannibal TV show, we did a version of this dish. And if you cover the egg with bacon, or better yet, with Spanish Ibérico ham, you will cry because it is so, so good.

Desayuno Catalán (Catalonian Breakfast)

Yields 1 portion
.5 Cristal Bread
2 tablespoons fresh tomato
28 grams Iberico ham
41 grams Manchego cheese
Olive Oil
Maldon sea salt
1. Toast the cristal bread.
2. Spread the fresh tomato evenly on the bread and slice the bread into three pieces.
3. Place six pieces of cheese on the cristal bread
4. Finish with olive oil and Maldon salt.
5. Place the ham on the side of the cristal bread and serve.