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Beck's Is Peddling a Tiny Camera That Sits Atop a Beer Bottle, for Some Reason

When marketing loses focus

Brands are always looking for tricks to gain a leg up on the competition, and in the case of fake German brewing giant Beck's, that's resulted in a tiny camera that sits atop a beer bottle. AdWeek reports the brewer partnered with BBDO Germany to create something called a "CapCam," which shoots 360-degree footage of good pals having good times (with plenty of Beck's in frame, of course).

"The basic idea is to provide an all-round view of those typical Beck's moments shared with close friends," a spokesperson told AdWeek. "Unfortunately, attempts to capture these moments on mobile phone videos just cannot compare."

The above promotional video shows how the technology works. The camera — it's really more of a lens — connects to smartphones and is linked to Facebook so users can upload their videos to the social media platform. Because why have fun if you can't brag about it on the internet? Anyone interested in this odd promotion can enter to win one through a Facebook contest, though details on that are hard to find.