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Watch: How to Make Creamy, Green, Pistachio Aioli

No whole eggs involved

Store-bough mayonnaise ranks pretty highly on the list of Disliked Condiments, and it's not hard to guess why. White, gloppy, ostensibly made from eggs but kept on non-refrigerated grocery story aisles for months at a time, it's a spread that can occasionally be cause for suspicion.

Today, our friends at ChefSteps offer a homemade, creamy, and slightly verdant version in the above video. Their recipe uses pistachios and egg yolk powder as thickeners, rather than whole eggs. It also calls the spread an "aioli," which is another name for an emulsified, mayo-like sauce, though the purists would argue that a true aioli must include mashed garlic in the mix.

For the full recipe — as well as some ideas for using the aioli as a seafood accompaniment — click here.

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