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'Orange Is the New Black' Prison Food Pop-Up Headed to Singapore

Season four premieres June 17 on Netflix

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T-minus seven days till the return of Orange Is the New Black, and in honor of the hit series' fourth season, Netflix will serve up prison grub. The company is taking over a Singapore cafe called OverEasy for a two-day pop-up on June 16 and 17 where it will serve "gourmet prison food," according to Mashable.

Netflix probably realized no one would actually want to pay to eat prison-style food, so appropriately, all the meals will be free. The menu mimics dishes that might be served to inmates in Litchfield's fictional cafeteria, but incorporates fresher or more upscale ingredients that would never be served within prison walls: The dreaded "Nutraloaf" includes white truffle oil, for example. (The beverage selection is limited to "old-pipe flavour" tap water, however.)

Nutraloaf, also referred to as "Disciplinary Loaf," is an unsavory mishmash of ingredients often served to prisoners as punishment; it's so awful New York State prisons recently took it off the menu as a move toward more humane conditions for prisoners.

It's not the first time the folks behind OITNB have promoted the show with a culinary tie-in: In 2014 a 'Crazy Pyes' food truck hit NYC to give out free pie and soft-serve. An official Orange Is the New Black cookbook hit bookshelves later that year.

Check out the pop-up menu, below: