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Couple Dines and Dashes, Accidentally Leaves Their Child Behind

Terrible parent alert


When attempting to flee a restaurant without paying, most thieves take care not to leave any identifying information behind lest their crime catch up with them. That concept was apparently lost on a Canadian couple earlier this week, who dined-and-dashed but left one very important thing behind: their child.

According to CTV News Winnipeg, a husband and wife bolted from a restaurant in the city of Brandon, Manitoba on Tuesday night after having dinner and drinks, abandoning their 10-year-old daughter at the table. (Whether it was simply a case of miscommunication or if they expected their kid to smash her piggy bank and cough up the cash for the meal isn't clear.) The couple was soon apprehended by police, who say they were both intoxicated.

They were both arrested on charges of "food by fraud," while the child was taken into custody by Child and Family Services. Next time, maybe just stay home and order pizza instead?