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Donald Trump Allegedly Refused to Pay Dozens of Restaurant Workers

Lawsuits galore

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John Moore/Getty Images

Some rather unflattering news about Donald Trump came to light yesterday, and it has nothing to do with his terrible hair piece: A USA Today investigation claims the presumptive Republican nominee has failed to pay hundreds of people who worked for him, including dozens of restaurant workers at Trump properties.

Refusing to pay people for work they did certainly flies in the face of Trump's repeated claims on the campaign trail that he'll put American workers first, but according to numerous lawsuits that's precisely what he's done time after time. The report says at least 60 suits have been filed against Trump and his businesses from people who allege nonpayment; most notable is a recent case in which "Trump Miami Resort Management LLC settled with 48 servers at his Miami golf resort over failing to pay overtime for a special event"; the employees' settlements ranged from $800 to $3,000.

Other Trump properties have also faced suits from servers and bartenders who claim they had tips withheld or were not allowed to take legally mandated breaks; a case in California was recently settled, while one in New York is ongoing.

Maybe Trump should just swap out all the restaurants at his properties for McDonald's outlets, where he can pay workers minimum wage while enjoying as many Filet-O-Fish sandwiches as he likes.

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