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Watch: Chef Ivan Orkin Prepares His Signature Shio Ramen

'Wow, what is this?'

Chef Ivan Orkin is a ramen master, opening restaurants in Tokyo and New York that have been wildly successful. What inspired Orkin to build a culinary empire based on noodle soup? In this video from Mind of a Chef, he explains how his first taste of shio ramen changed his life.

"One day I discovered this double soup, this combination of a meat soup and a fish soup blended together," Orkin says in the video. "And I was — 'Wow, what is this? This is so good.' ... Well now I know what I want to do: figure out how to make shio ramen."

Orkin provides details on the recipe he came up with that satisfied his own shio cravings. Among the key ingredients: chicken fat and pork fat. "Never believe anybody if they try to give you fat-free ramen," he says. "Run away." Watch the video above to get the full scoop on the chef's signature dish.