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Dogs Get Their Day With Swedish Restaurant's Canine-Friendly Menu

No Alpo here

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Dogs around the world often get to eat "people food" only when a diner is kind enough to share a few scraps from the table — what a way to treat man's best friend. But at a restaurant in Sweden, Agance France Presse reports canines are treated with a little more dignity. In fact, they have their own menu.

"For a couple of years we've allowed dogs into our restaurants — the next step was to offer water bowls, and now we also offer a special dog menu," Tobias Hamberg, owner of Avenyfamiljen in Gothenburg, told AFP. The specialty menu includes cod, organic beef, and "dog beer," a non-alcoholic beverage made from beef stock. The meals are reportedly prepackaged by a company in Stockholm, which flies in the face of the fresh and local obsessions held by gourmands these days. But with a price tag of 50 kroner (roughly $6), at least they aren't too expensive.

"At the moment we just allow dogs. But who knows — in the future we might build restaurants just for animals," Hamberg jokingly told AFP. That statement may have been in jest, but it's something the restaurateur should consider. A Baltimore restaurant that exclusively serves dogs has been going strong since 2014.