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Burger King Has a Whopper Air Freshener Because All Cars Should Smell Like Burgers

It went through a test run in Brazil

Burger King/Facebook

Burger King now has the answer for all hungry drivers: a Whopper-scented air freshener to hang on rearview mirrors in automobiles. Gone are the days of the cardboard evergreen. Enter the era of carrot-on-a-stick-style driving with a Whopper always in sight lines.

Burger King Brazil rolled out the new product and filmed a video of cab drivers testing the air freshener for passengers, according to Creativity Online. The flame-broiled burger scent apparently did its job, prompting assorted reactions from those in the cabs and naturally instigating trips through a Burger King drive-thru to procure rounds of Whoppers and fries.

This is not the first time Burger King has released a quirky product. It previously created a "Whopper wine" in Spain that had been aged in flame-grilled barrels, and it's pioneered the use of oddly colored buns, including fiery red and black. But, BK isn't the only chain to go all-in on weird. KFC has also jumped in on the action, releasing two flavors of edible nail polish that taste like chicken.