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Well that's convenient
Well that's convenient

Domino's is pushing the boundaries of pizza delivery in the United Kingdom. The chain has started delivering pies to customers on a bus route on the western coast of England just north of Liverpool, as Mashable reports.

With the new system, customers can order by phone and their pizza will be waiting for them at their designated bus stop. (Considering many people probably spend their commute home from work thinking about what to have for dinner, perhaps this makes a lot of sense.) It's just a pilot program right now, operating solely along this one bus route, but Domino's is reportedly leaving its options open for expanding bus delivery options.

The pizza chain was apparently inspired by a recent instance in which it (unknowingly?) delivered to a man traveling by train, notes the Metro; the passenger live-tweeted his quest to perfectly time the delivery with his arrival to a particular train station on Twitter, because of course.

Domino's has long-tested the limits of delivery innovation with a series of quirky projects, introducing a "zero clicks" ordering system via mobile app and even pioneering a method for placing orders by pizza emoji.

For customers who are not on-the-go, Domino's still has the answers. In Australia, the company developed an autonomous robot that can carry up to 10 pizzas in a heated compartment and deliver directly to customers' doors.