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Man Who Tossed Gator in Wendy's Drive-Thru Window Gets Off With Probation

He threw a reptile into a Wendy's drive-thru window

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A man who inspired the country to once again ask "Really, Florida?" was sentenced to a year's probation for an incident involving a four-foot alligator and a drive-thru window. Joshua James apologized to the court for throwing the (live) gator into a Wendy's restaurant near Palm Beach last October, saying it was a prank he wanted to play on a friend, NBC reports.

James was arrested in February and faced charges of second degree petty theft for picking up the alligator from the side of the road, and assault with a deadly weapon — the weapon being the alligator. No one in the restaurant was harmed, and the alligator was later captured and returned to its natural french fry- and Frosty-free environment.

The judge in the case said it had "most bizarre fact pattern" he had ever seen in his time on the bench, the Palm Beach Post reported. James will serve one year probation, though he'll likely never shake the moniker "alligator tosser."

While gators are a common sight in Florida, things don't usually end well when they get wrapped up in the food world. In 2014, a Florida restaurateur shot a 13-foot alligator and served it on his menu. Another man once tried to tender a four-foot alligator as payment for beer. (Yes, that also happened in Florida.)