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Shake Shack Hits Mall of America; Oprah Capitalizes on 'Lemonade' Fervor

Five things to know today

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Happy Wednesday. For those still mourning the departure of Cook's Illustrated's bow-tied editor-in-chief Christopher Kimball, dry your eyes: Kimball's got a new project up his sleeve called Milk Street Kitchen, and it's major.

In more vital food news today: Shake Shack's plans for world domination continue; 365 by Whole Foods welcomes our new robot overlords; Oprah's getting into the beverage biz; and has Australia's hipster coffee scene jumped the shark?

— The Mall of America is about to get a whole lot cooler: Minnesota's first Shake Shack lands on the Minneapolis mega-mall's third floor on Thursday, June 9. The menu will feature two location-exclusive Concretes: "the Malt of America with vanilla custard, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce, crumbled sugar cone cookie and malt powder and the Butter Coffee Blend with vanilla custard, butter-coffee caramel sauce and shortbread cookie."

— Whole Foods' smaller, less expensive sibling 365 by Whole Foods landed in LA last week, and according to the New Yorker it's another sign of the looming robot takeover. The store includes bottle scanners that can tell you all about a bottle of wine (or "small-batch organic gin"), tablets for ordering and paying for pizza, the wifi-enabled $700 juicer known as Juicero, and the self-explanatory Teabot.

— The gloriously carb-laden spinoff of chef David Kinch's three Michelin-starred Northern California restaurant, Manresa, has birthed another sibling: The second outpost of Manresa Bread opens in Los Altos today. Expect a rotating selection of breads made with ancient grains that are milled in-house, and various pastries including the glorious kouign amann.

— Lemonade: so hot right now, thanks to Beyonce. Apparently even media mogul Oprah wants to capitalize, because according to TMZ she's filed paperwork to expand her namesake brand with various beverages, including lemonade. (Meanwhile, Beyonce's thrown her weight behind watermelon juice.)

— Is Australia's world-famous coffee scene getting too hip for its own good? A patron of an unnamed Melbourne coffee shop is outraged after she ordered a flat white and it was served in "deconstructed" form. What's next, Starbucks Frappuccinos with separate cups of ice, syrup, and espresso? (Please no.)