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Here Comes Extra Crispy, the New Breakfast Site From Time Inc.

All breakfast, all the time

Breakfast consumption in America is on the rise — just ask McDonald's, which managed to crawl out from a years-long sales slump thanks in no small part to the launch of all-day Egg McMuffins and sausage biscuits. That fact isn't lost on Time Inc., which today launches a new site, Extra Crispy, which is singularly devoted to covering breakfast and brunch.

Extra Crispy describes itself via press release as "a new digital editorial brand dedicated to obsessively documenting breakfast, brunch, and the culture surrounding it all." Content currently found on the site runs the gamut from listicles to personal essays to instructions on "cereal Frankensteining" and a comic strip about the founder of Kellogg's.

The site's masthead includes some notable names to those familiar with food media, namely Kat Kinsman — formerly of Tasting Table and CNN's Eatocracy — who is senior editor.

There's also a notable vacancy yet to be filled: bacon critic. Yes, the site is currently embarking on a nationwide hunt for a pork product enthusiast to exhaustively cover that most ubiquitous of 2000s food trends. According to a release from Extra Crispy, "The Bacon Critic will serve a three-month appointment researching, writing about and critiquing the best of the country’s bacon to eventually declare 'America’s Best Bacon' at the end of his or her tenure."