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Watch: How Escoffier Revolutionized Cooking With the Brigade System

Fine dining would never be the same

Auguste Escoffier changed dining as the world knew it when he developed the brigade system. By employing different kitchen aides to prepare different components to a menu, the chef allowed diners to select from a larger, more complex array of dishes. In this video, restaurateur Michel Roux Jr. goes inside Galvin at Windows in London to see Escoffier's pioneering achievement.

"Expectations as a diner at a place like this are always very, very high, and we look at a menu and we can see there's a lovely choice," Roux says. "Different items here take different times to prepare. But we expect the food to arrive at the table at the same time, regardless of what we order. They come to the table because there is a system in place. And that system is down to Escoffier."

Roux follows a party's order from table, to kitchen, and back. Watch the video for a history lesson in action.