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Diner's photo courtesy of Washington Post

The trend of restaurant workers insulting customers via receipts continues. The latest instance occurred at a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Va., over the weekend. According to the Washington Post, a server at Sichuan restaurant Peter Chang — whose namesake chef was nominated for a James Beard Award this year — left notes on a customer's receipt that read, "i have a small penis" and "im a plad [sic] asshole."

One of the diners relayed his side of the story to the Post, explaining there had been some discussion between the party of four and their server about the way the restaurant served its rice. The rice was delivered to the table in one communal bowl, which one of the diners, who previously lived in Beijing, found odd. The diner, whom the Post refers to as Matt, inquired as to why the rice wasn't served in individual bowls but politely declined when the server offered to bring each diner their own bowl, saying, "Just wanted to let you know that's the way it's done in China."

This clearly didn't sit too well with the server, who took to the restaurant's point-of-sales system to disclose how she really felt about Matt. (According to the Post, three of the four diners were wearing plaid, which explains the "im a plad asshole" bit.) The notes were apparently meant to be deleted before the receipt was printed and delivered to the table, but that step was overlooked.

When the staff was confronted about the insults, "The manager apologized and explained the servers were just joking with one another via the POS system." No one has been fired over the incident, though the manager says the offending servers won't be working prime weekend shifts for the time being. Meanwhile, Matt and his fellow diners were offered $20 gift cards for the trouble.

Insulting the size of someone's penis certainly pales in comparison to some of the nasty notes that have been left on restaurant receipts, which have included numerous racial slurs.

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