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Gordon Ramsay Ruined a Surprise Marriage Proposal; Michelin Dubai Is Coming Soon

Six things to know today

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Highland Park Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
Highland Park Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
Wonho Frank Lee/Eater LA

Happy Monday, Eater readers. In case you missed it, last week we dove into Subway's little-known Café concept; announced the hottest restaurants in 23 cities across the country; and explained the cult of Detroit's coney cog. Today's news includes a look into what, exactly, processed food is; how Gordon Ramsay ruined a couple's surprise engagement; the next city to get a Michelin guidebook; and more.

— The Washington Post dives into the touchy subject of food processing in a new report. At base, food processing is anything that changes an organic substance, including cutting a fruit off a tree, slaughtering an animal for meat, or heating food( otherwise known as cooking). Processed food saves humans time they would otherwise spend chewing, and preserves our teeth. Still, the evils of processed food — unsustainable agriculture, preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers, excess waste — shouldn't be hard to separate from basic food processing, something every single edible item purchased at the grocery story or a restaurant has gone through.

— UberEats is still delivering food in Austin, Texas despite the fact that the company shut down its on-demand driver service in the city late last week.

— Oops. Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay ruined a surprise wedding proposal when he congratulated the couple before the groom had a chance to propose. The Telegraph has the full story.

— According to new guidelines released by the Human Rights Commission, it's against the law for a New York City restaurant employee to refuse to sell an alcoholic beverage to a pregnant woman. Controversial? Yes.

— The Michelin man could be hitting Dubai's restaurant scene next, reports Time Out Dubai. Speaking at the recent Global Restaurant Investment Forum, Michelin Guide's international director Michael Ellis confirmed steps were being made to expand Michelin into Dubai.

— Finally, why won't Donald Trump touch food with his hands?

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