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‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ in the Greek Islands: Just the One-Liners

The globetrotting host heads to beautiful Naxos

Courtesy of CNN

Anthony Bourdain's bathrobe is as blue as the Aegean Sea in the opening scene of Sunday night's Parts Unknown. It's one of many moments of solitary tranquility, interspersed throughout episode three during which Bourdain embarks on a trip to the Cycladic island of Naxos for some R&R. The island feels almost a world away from Greece's economic turmoil and the swell of refugees flowing over the country's porous borders. The tourism industry on the islands forges ahead in spite of these economic stressors, but the issues continue to weigh heavy on the minds of Greek citizens.

"I wanted to get away from it all. Coast gently, gently into another season of television."

The host seems inclined to spend time by himself taking naps, cooking, and swimming in the pool at his pristine private villa, but also parties with mountain villagers and dives around an early 20th century shipwreck. Local commercial fisherman enlighten Bourdain on the state of the fishing industry in Greece, which has been severely impacted by declining stocks, decreased demand, and prices. A political music group called the Stray Bitches also shares a perspective on the country's current governmental woes over plenty of Greece's favorite spirit — rakiHere, now, are the 13 best quotes from Sunday's island vacation:

1. Describing Naxos: "Where Zeus himself was said to live. Where his son Dionysus frolicked and presumably drank and threw orgies and dropped E and danced all night to the BC version of EDM. These days you have to go to Mykonos for that."

2. On The Odyssey: "I can tell you this: Ulysses was kind of a dick. I mean he left his wife alone for how long?"

3. Discussing the Greek financial crisis: "It's bumming me out. It's harshing my total buzz."

4. How Bourdain likes to spend vacation: "The pressures of the outside world I don't want to think about. I'm on a Greek Island here, it's a beautiful day, I'm planning on passing out on the beach, snorkeling, you know maybe some water colors, do a little cooking, more napping, eating, napping, contemplate mysteries of the universe, or nap, either one, or eat cheese, all of those are honorable options. I mean that's vacation to me: staying put and doing nothing."

5. Summing up this episode: "I wanted to get away from it all. Coast gently, gently into another season of television. No sharp edges. Easy."

6. Why Bourdain doesn't live in a commune: "If I put a yogurt in the refrigerator, and I put my name on it 'Tony' and somebody takes a bite out of it I've got a problem."

7. Making fun of a party in the town of Aperathos: "The sort of place where you can still walk into a town square and find yourself caught up in a celebration. This one celebrates Greco-American actor John Stamos's return to Full House."

8. On what to expect from a celebration in the town square: "Get ready for wine, raki, and getting hand-fed by strangers."

9. On how the Greeks were converted to Orthodox Christianity: "Hey you guys. Thought paganism ideology was fun? Check it out. It gets much more fun, we'll slide right in there. You won't even notice."

10. As someone prepares stuffed vegetables: "Food porn is so easy. At this point it's like shooting fish in a barrel. I mean, you want this right? Of course you do. But you can't have it."

11. On his day at the beach: "Suddenly like 200 nudists show up."

12. Bourdain's philosophical question: "Why are the first people to take off their clothes the last people you want to see naked?"

13. On being alone: "Is it worse to be someplace awful when you're by yourself or someplace really nice that you can't share with anyone?"

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