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Donald Trump has made no shortage of disparaging remarks about immigrants, stating that people crossing the border from Mexico are "rapists" and "killers" and are bringing drugs into the country. (Said comments have resulted in chefs José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian dropping out of a D.C. Trump Hotel project, incidents that have spurred lawsuits aplenty.)

But yesterday on Cinco de Mayo, the probable Republican nominee attempted to make amends for all the terrible things he's said. His vehicle of implied apology? A taco salad, natch. Obviously this could not go unchecked by The Daily Show, which thoroughly skewered Trump's pathetic attempt at a culinary peace offering by explaining what, exactly, the candidate has in common with that taco bowl.

Clearly The Donald should stick to well-done steaks, McDonald's Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, and Hydrox cookies for lunch. (Or anything else that can be eaten with a fork and not his tiny, tiny hands.)

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