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Watch Jimmy Fallon Get Pied in the Face

This should be a real beauty treatment

In a world where presidential candidates eat pizza with forks, it's heartening to watch one of America's great comedians get food on his face for a laugh. Last night on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, comedian Amy Sedaris dropped by to talk about her new line of sprinkles. She starts by asking the host, "Do you call these sprinkles or jimmies, Jimmy?" He admits that he calls them sprinkles (according to several sources, sprinkles are the colored candy bits while the chocolate ones are called jimmies), and wonders aloud about what he could use them for. Sedaris has a great idea. It involves whipped cream — which she says "smells like feta cheese when it dries" — and bowls full of sprinkles. Watch as Sedaris and Fallon pie each other in the face and then dip their whipped cream-coated faces into bowls filled with colorful Amy Sedaris-brand sprinkles. It looks like delicious fun. Consider this technique for your next bachelorette party, bat or bar mitzvah, or even a baby shower, where the kids can lick up the mess.

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