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The Keurig of Tortillas Has Already Raised $100,000 on Kickstarter

It promises fresh tortillas in less than 90 seconds


The market has been flooded with impossibly specific cooking appliances over the past decade; strolling down an aisle at Bed Bath & Beyond reveals silly machines singularly dedicated to everything from cake pops to quesadillas. But an appliance that makes tortillas from scratch? Why, that might actually be useful.

Enter the Flatev, which has been dubbed by many as the Keurig of tortillas. Flatev brands itself as an "artisan tortilla maker," which is somewhat of a stretch of the word "artisan" (but hey, fast food companies have been bastardizing it for years!).The countertop-sized device utilizes fresh pods of commercially-made dough to magically spit out fresh corn or flour tortillas in under 90 seconds. Of course, as the Verge points out, this indulgence won't come cheap: The dough pods will cost around 79 cents each, which is exponentially more expensive than making them the old-fashioned way.

Flatev just launched a Kickstarter to get up and running, and just three days into its 30-day campaign its already smashed its $50,000 goal: It's currently at $102,215 and counting. Folks who pledge $199 are promised one tortilla maker plus one batch of dough, which seems like a pretty killer deal for tortilla enthusiasts considering the retail price of the device will be $437. The company projects the first round of Flatevs will be delivered to backers in August 2017.

Let's just hope we don't have another Coolest cooler on our hands. The tricked-out beverage cooler equipped with both a blender and a Bluetooth speaker system was one of Kickstarter's highest-grossing campaigns ever. It's also unfortunately turned out to be a gigantic shitshow; a majority of its backers still haven't gotten their fancy coolers, and the company is still asking for more money.

Watch the Flatev's admittedly enticing sales pitch for fresh tortillas at the touch of a button, below: