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Watch and Learn How Tequila Is Made

It can take a decade from start to finish

The folks behind How to Make Everything are attempting to make all sorts of alcoholic beverages entirely from scratch. They've already conquered wheat beer, and next up on the list is tequila. But before Andy George tackles that endeavor, this video offers a brief explainer on what goes into the liquor.

It's at least a seven-year process, because that's how long it takes for the blue agave plant to mature. Once the beverage is produced, it's ready to be served as tequila blanco, or it can be barrel-aged to create a more mellow flavor. Aging can take anywhere from two months to three or more years. Obviously, the stuff that sits in a barrel for a few years isn't the swill that college students throw back on spring break. It's reserved for the tequila connoisseur with a refined palate.

So, watch the above video, and make plans to start your own tequila production. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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